Learn about Anchor Text and Important in Website SEO

Learn about Anchor Text and Important in Website SEO

What is Anchor Text?

Like I told you, people, everyone uses it. Whether he knows about Anchor text or not. Knowingly and unknowingly, we all use this in the right way.

Anchor text is very helpful for the SEO of our website. And content optimization helps me a lot.

Now let us know what is anchor text. Friends, we know this by another name which we call internal link. Yes, of course, with this we highlight some such words about which we have already written any content to reach our viewers there. We use it.

As you can see in the image below that we have written a guard. Inside which we have kept some words high light with orange color. Use them when it is more needed inside the content.

You must have seen many times in our posts that we keep highlighting some words in the same way in between. By clicking which you go to another page. In these, only links to other posts are always added.

So now you already know what is anchor text? Now let us also know why it is important for our content.

Why is Anchor Text Important for Website SEO?

Anchor text plays an important role in telling search engines about your content. The search engine knows from the anchor text itself which keywords you want to rank your post. That’s why anchor text plays a big role in link building.

With the help of anchor text, there is an impact on the organic traffic on your website. It is often seen that many people use anchor text incorrectly. Anchor text is divided into two parts.

Good Anchor Text

While writing content, we use some words that explain the content we are writing, and about whom we are writing.

And in the meantime put anchor text on your main keyword. So it is called good anchor text. Because Google easily knows what we are writing about.

such as

If you are writing anything related to SEO inside the block. And similar to that, the second point of SEO also mentions income like On-Page-SEO or Off-Page-SEO, they put anchor tags in them, and in a way, it is called good anchor text.

Bad Anchor Text

When we are writing any post inside our block. And to reach our readers to any of our other posts, we use anchor text as well as some such words which are against the guidelines of google, which Google does not like at all.

We should not use words like Learn More, Click Here, Click it, Clink on, or Click Kare with the anchor text. All these come in bad anchor text.

How to Increase Blog Search Ranking Using Anchor Text?

Now you must have come to know what is anchor text. And why is it necessary for the website? So let us now know how we can increase the search ranking of our block using anchor text.

I am going to tell you some tricks i.e. the right way to use anchor text in block posts. With which you can increase the search ranking of your blog.

Targeted Anchor Text:

Whenever you are writing your post, always keep in mind the topic on which you are preparing your content. Always pay attention to the related keywords in them and select your target anchor text. And add the link The thing to note here is the keyword you have selected for the anchor text.

You add the related link from that. Or if you want to link someone else’s website, you still have to keep in mind whether he puts related content from your post or not. If you do not enter and you are creating anchor text for it, then your search ranking may be down.

Backlink Anchor Text:

When someone uses the link to our website as a backlink in their website. The value of our website increases. And this increases the search ranking. But in some cases, it can also harm you.

Like I always tell you to create backlinks only with those who are good websites. If someone forcefully creates backlinks for your website, then you can remove those backlinks with disavow tool.

Excessive Anchor Text:

When we use anchor text, it should always be kept in mind that there should not be too much anchor text inside our blog post. Many people forcefully fill in anchor text in their posts. And think that this can increase the ranking of their website.

Whereas the opposite happens. Google gives you a penalty and reduces the search ranking of your website to very low.

You should always make sure that you use anchor text that relates to your content. And avoid making unnecessary links. If you are making a block by staying within the limit, then no one can read the bad effect on your website.


I hope what is the anchor text given to you by us and how important is it for SEO? What is Anchor Text? Would have liked this information. If you have any questions related to our post, then you can tell us in the comments